Who’s Who in Veterinary Medicine?

As for veterinary medicine, many of the job titles don’t clearly indicate their assigned tasks. The main job title is a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), who completes three to four years of undergraduate studies and then an additional four years of postgraduate study at an American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)-approved school of veterinary medicine. […]

Analysis of antiparasitic agents

Veterinary pharmaceuticals including antibiotics and hormones are used to prevent disease in livestock, promote growth, and enhance feed efficiency. Antiparasitic agents are also widely used to eliminate parasites from the alimentary canal. Residual standards are being established for antiparasitic agents as residual levels in meat present similar health problems to antibiotics and hormones.

Veterinary medicine has changed

Veterinary professionals have a valuable role to play during COVID and beyond: being part of a competent, compassionate team that helps companion animals. I’ve often used the following words in problem-solving and in creating opportunities, not only in our beloved profession of veterinary medicine but in my personal life as well: What has seemed impossible […]